In Kaze and the Wild Masks you play as Kaze, a bunny that becomes a hero when a comet strikes the normally-peaceful Carrotland, turning its plants in enraged living forms bringing chaos around the place.

She will perform acrobatic and unexpected moves, like whack enemies using stunning ear spins and will gain additional skills by finding the ancient Wild Masks.

Featuring intense gameplay, the levels are set up to prise a homage to the classics of the genre, encouraging players to find the perfect trajectory, emphasizing on delightful combos that will reward players with extra bonuses.

With a modern pixel art, Kaze and the Wild Mask is a true love letter to the 16-bit era that will move you back in time to the nostalgic period of playing the great classics.


The story of Kaze and the Wild Masks started a few years ago when solo developer Cristiano Bartel made a 2d side-scrolling platform prototype where the main character was a rabbit, following the trend of his favorite games that used animals with humanized forms. At begin, the character was called Rabbit-Man, then Bussy.

In July of 2015, the developer joined his forces with VOX Studio, that, under the studio umbrella pushed the quality of the game to a new level. 


Driven by André Schaan, VOX CEO and Kaze's Executive Producer, the game product and character design suffered a few changes. The rabbit became a female character, and it is now called Kaze (wind in Japanese). The game that was previously been developed for mobile became a PC/Console game.

Artist Daniel Romanenco was also part of this gathering, becoming the Illustrator behind the Pixel Art style of the game. To complete the team, joined Paulo Bohrer as the sound designer, bringing the themes and sound effects, Rodrigo Spilimbergo, VOX Development Director and Laurent Quevedo, VOX Senior Producer.

The game breath the classics and is deeply referenced in Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo,  Sonic, Mario World and Crash Bandicoot.



VOX Game Studio


Q1 2019










  • A 16 bit like pixel-by-pixel endeavour of love, that links the past and today’s generations.

  • Extraordinary hand made animations, frame by frame with the attention to every detail.

  • Unique set of charismatic characters. Have you ever seen a bouncing eggplant?

  • A neat and refined gameplay mechanic that let you feel the game and the experience of the much liked platform classic games.

  • Fast paced adventure: Run, Jump, Fly and much more to outcome uncommon enemies.

  • Easy to get and start playing and have fun. It goes straight to the point: two buttons and lots of actions.

  • Collect the ancients Wild Masks to unlock exceptional skills.

  • Precise balance, easy at the beginning and challenging as you progress.

  • The honest goal of make you have lots of fun!








  • Best Game - SBGames 2018

  • Best Visual Art - SBGames 2018

  • Best Game - Finalist - Strasbourg Festival 2018

  • Best Visual Art - Finalist - SBGames 2017



  • " creates its own identity, at the same time it plays a homage to the greatest classics"
    Rodrigo Pscheidt, ARKADE

  • “...a callback to that classic era of gaming as well a Saturday Morning Cartoon that you may have watched growing up.”
    Mick Joest, Game Tyrant

  • "Kaze and The Wild Masks is a new independent creation straight out of the 90s."
    Jarod, Game Kult

  • “An Acrobatic Bunny Faces Enraged Living Veggies In This Donkey Kong Country-Like Platformer”
    Joel Couture, Siliconera

  • "...its gameplay evokes rather Donkey Kong Country by its way of emphasizing the combos."
    Guillaume Verdin, Le Mag

  • ...reminds us of the golden age of 16-bit graphics and platforms of the 90's"

  • "...designers propose a nostalgic and quality return to those platforms that we like so much."
    Retro Maniac